Furniture and lighting are the elements that give life to our spaces. They are like actors in a play, setting the mood and defining the experience for viewers.


Furniture is your home’s best friend. Renew, fill and complement design spaces to feel better and enjoy your home. We offer you a wide range of indoor and outdoor furniture that adapts to the needs, proportions and measurements of each space.

Choose between the different geometric shapes, sizes, materials and colors and choose the style that best suits your rooms, be it modern, vintage, classic or rustic.


Lighting is one of the most important elements in any place, with which you can add a touch of personality and sophistication. In Sa Dutxeta you will find a large catalog of all types of interior and exterior lighting and you will find the model that best suits your needs and the aesthetics of your room.

Get the best designer lighting and let the light reach the darkest corners of your room, creating clean, spacious and very open environments.

Get inspired by our furniture and lighting

Furniture and lighting can influence our mood and our perception of the world.

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